Bruno realmente cree esto

Leyendo algunas partes del libro Are universes thicker than blackberries?, de Martin Gardner, leo una insensatez clásica de los psicoanalistas que me hizo reír, quizás para no llorar :

A typical bit of Freudian nonsense in Bettelheim's Empty Fortress was how he explained a child's obsession wit hweather. The child broked down the word weather, unconsciouly of course, in to 'we/eat/her'. It's hard to believe, but Bettelheim actually wrote: "Convinced that her mother (and later all of us) intended to devour her, she felt it imperative to pay minutest attention to this 'we/eat/her.'"1

  • 1. En el capitulo The Brutality of Dr. Bettelheim pp.210 aprox.